Before and After Spaces

My passion for helping others has been a part of my life for decades. I love the challenge of taking away the clutter and giving you the space you've always envisioned.

The work on this house included the garage and sun room 

Garage Before

Outdoor equipment, bikes, painting supplies, dishes, sports equipment and tools were scattered throughout the garage. 

Shelving units in the middle of the garage took up so much space that only one vehicle could fit inside. 

Access to the deep freezer was difficult to reach. 

The counter and cabinet space was not functional.

Cleaning supplies and equipment was scattered throughout the garage. 

Outdoor tools and equipment took up floor space. 

Garage After

The peg board displays hand tools, extension cords and other items for quick access.

The counter top can be used to work on small projects; the shelves and cabinets house many frequently used items. 

Large items for the yard or cleaning were hung on the peg boards making them easy to find.

The cleaning supplies were organized on the shelves. 

 The items on the shelves were sorted and re-organized. 

 The entire garage was cleaned and order restored.  There is space for a second vehicle and every tool or cleaning item can be easily located.

Sun room Before
Plants and supplies took over the room. There were empty planters, plant holders and miscellaneous items under the furniture. It was very difficult to maneuver through the room.

Sun room After

Medical Office Before
The hallway floor was covered with tools, painting equipment, odds and ends,and medical supplies.

This end contained medical equipment marked for a medical mission donation.

Unused phones, computer and other electronic equipment took over this former exam room. 

Medical Office After

The items on the right wall are personal and also ready for the owner's final decision. 

Entire House Makeover
Master Bath and Bedroom; Linen closet; Kitchen and Pantry;
Utility closet; Living room; Basement living space and storage; Garage

The master bath was cluttered with cleaning equipment and supplies. The sides of the tub held make-up, extra toiletries and was not accessible for use. 


The sink surface held too many items that could be stored under the sink.

The sink is clean and more organized with the daily toiletries. 

The tub is clean and ready to use!

The homeowner wanted to move the hamper to the side of the tub for easy access.


The closet was filled with towels and sheets that were not in sets; baskets and a storage bin held assorted items. Boxes held an assortment of blankets and equipment. 

Any old towels or sheets were discarded along with any outdated products. 
Cleaning supplies and equipment were moved from the bathroom to this closet. 
Extra supplies were combined on the shelves

The wicker stands were used for small toiletries; cleaning supplies and paper products stored together as well as the sheets, towels and blankets.

The island and all other surfaces were cluttered. 
The kitchen cabinets and pantry were unorganized. 

The island is clean and ready to use; snacks are arranged and ready to grab on the go. 
The counter next the the refrigerator is clutter free.

The pantry was purged of out-dated food; weight loss items were moved for easier access. All other items were either purged or re-organized. 

Dining room / Home office

A table was moved from another room to set up additional work space. 
A filing cabinet was set up to store additional office supplies. 

The office space is clean and functional and the dining room table is ready to use once again. 

Dog toys and supplies, shoes and other belongings covered the floor and surfaces. 

The dogs toys / supplies were relocated, shoes were put in their proper place and the other belongings were purged. 

Basement living space
 Full of unpacked or empty boxes, clothes, kitchen items and memorabilia. 

 The peg board in the large storage area was not used to its full potential. 

Storing the wreaths and tools on the peg board allowed them to be retrieved when needed.

 The shelves had an assortment of crafts, holiday decorations and assorted items out of reach due to the clutter on the floor. 

 Utilizing the multiple shelves allowed me to organize decorations, crafts and dog supplies. 
In addition, I was able to unpack boxes from the other room and store the contents on these shelves. 

 Re-purposing two items from upstairs allowed me to put loose items in the pouches for easy viewing. 

The clear plastic unit now keeps bows, ribbon and tissue paper safe and visible. 

 The 2 car garage contained extra tires, garden supplies and an assortment of unused items.

No access to the peg board.

 The pegboard is now used for tools and the dresser houses seasonal items.