Client testimonials

Lauren K., December 2016 to January 2017 - "Deb was hired to organize extra office materials, medical equipment as well as tools, papers and an entire shed"!

"The work performed at the office was impressive with very little input from me and even less help from me. You were able to take two huge areas that were not even able to be walked through and make them organized in a way that made perfect sense". 

"Now both areas are usable again and we have an idea of just how much stuff we had. I can't tell you how many times in the short period since you finished I have been able to say, "I know where that is" or " We have a bunch of them"!

"It's such a relief not to have things everywhere. Also, because we actually know where things are we don't have to buy more. It just feels like everything's falling into place and that is a great feeling". 

Lynn K., January to May 2017 - "My sister hired Deb to help her and was very pleased with her work. She "gifted" Deb's services to me; I was in desperate need of organizing my entire home"!

"In our bedroom our clothes were all over the bed, the floor and other surfaces. We had a bad habit of not putting them away. We slept downstairs because we couldn't get to our bed. Deb helped get the clothes cleaned up and put back in their proper place. She also suggested a better use of our space by moving the furniture around. It really did help with the flow of the room".

"In the bathroom, Deb cleaned out under the sink, the counter top, around the tub and everything in the tub. Before putting everything back, she cleaned all the surfaces and found better ways to store all of our personal care items".

"The linen closet was a disaster - Deb put all the like items together, matched all the towels and set up an area for all the cleaning supplies and paper products". 

"The former bedroom office floor was covered in tubs of papers that needed sorted. Deb worked on sorting and purging a lot of papers, gathering up all the office supplies and organizing the closet". 

"Whenever Deb came across any important documents that she felt were important, she brought them to me right away. She maintained professional and did not comment on anything she found as she sorted through our personal papers".

"In the kitchen, we could not use our island for meals - we had so much piled on top. Deb cleaned it off, putting things back in cabinets. She went through the pantry and cupboards, finding a lot of expired food. She re-organized the cupboards and drawers, making them more efficient for our needs". 

"The dining room table was covered and could not be used. Deb went through everything and together we determined what to keep and what to donate. We also brought a table and filing cabinet down from the former office and set up it up for my fiancé to use". 

"The living room contained boxes of miscellaneous things we hid behind the couch. Dog toys were scattered everywhere, making it difficult to walk. Deb sorted through everything, took the trash and donations to the garage. She also gathered all the dog toys and put them in one central location - we could walk through our living room again"!

"One half of the garage could not be used because of all the stuff we randomly put in it. Deb and I worked together sorting garden supplies, tools and finding new homes for everything or setting it aside for either donation or trash. We used the peg board to hang up large tools and bikes. By the time we were finished, there was room for the other car to fit in the garage".

"The basement was the biggest job - it is separated into three areas. The main part was set up as a bedroom, there is a storage area and the workshop. In the bedroom area, there were packing boxes stacked floor to ceiling. Some boxes were full, and others were empty". 

"Deb cleaned up the clothes on the bed, sorted through all the boxes, everything on the floor and furniture, making space for trash, donation or to-be-decided. Tools were moved into the workshop along with empty containers".

"Deb also did a bit of decorating as she uncovered pictures and other decorative items. She made the bedroom space look more inviting".  

"In the storage room, Deb rearranged all the containers and extra furniture. She made space for the unused exercise bike and moved it out of the workshop and into the storage room. Deb utilized the plastic clothes organizer for shoes and seasonal clothes for my fiancé’s mother. She made excellent use of the space". 

“The main work area of the basement was filled with spare carpet, PVC piping, boxes of assorted items and decorations. Deb cleared the floor and found places for the large items. She made good use of the wall length peg board - one half holds tools and supplies and the other for wreaths and assorted crafts". 

"Deb organized all the tools and various household items on the shelving units; she re-purposed various pocketed door hangers for loose items such as wire, small tools or any other item that would fit into the pocket".

"All of my craft items, decorations and dog supplies were organized on the shelves; one section was set aside for my fiancé’s mother to store her belongings. By the time Deb was finished we had a lot of empty containers, a lot of trash and donations”.

“I had no idea how much we had accumulated until Deb came in and started working! I was overwhelmed at the major transformation to our home but when I saw the basement, I was in tears - the happiness Deb brought to me was more than I ever expected". 

"While Deb was working with us, she noticed that time management was a big problem for us. She asked if we would like some assistance and we gladly accepted her offer to help. Deb put together her observations and set up guidelines we could follow. With her "extra step" we felt capable of handling the work on our own once Deb's help was no longer required".

"Thanks to my sister's gift and Deb's exceptional organizing, we are once again proud of our home. We never expected to have our home clean and organized - this has been a life changing experience"!

Sandy H., June and July 2017 - "I needed help getting my living room, craft room, spare bedroom and basement organized. Deb re-organized a book case full of cook books and gardening books; in the living room, Deb packed up all the video tapes and set up our movie and music selections". 

"In the craft room, Deb went through assorted craft items, magazines, fabric and partially completed projects; she put them back in their proper place. She sorted through containers of books and memorabilia, setting up designated areas for all of the contents". 

"The spare bedroom involved cleaning out the closet, sorting through children and adult books and transporting them to the basement". 

"In the basement, Deb sorted through boxes of pictures, teaching / office supplies, books and children's toys. She arranged everything on the shelves and labeled them for easy access. Deb also organized all our survival supplies in a separate section by type. We now have full access to our supplies in the event there is an emergency". 

"Deb was very understanding of the health problems my husband and I have; she was especially supportive with my husband's problems. I am very pleased with Deb's work, her attention to detail and her ability to understand my needs and goals". 

Alice O., June and July 2017 - "A friend from church was referred to Deb to help with me prepare to move from a 2-bedroom apartment into assisted living. Deb came in and sorted through boxes of clothes, paperwork, books and music that had not been unpacked when I moved in many years ago".

"During Deb's time with me, she found items I thought I had lost, came across countless pictures, childhood toys and other sentimental items I had forgotten about. She was very understanding and patient as I sorted through my lost treasures and helped me make some difficult decisions".

“Deb reached out to a contact to give an assessment on items I thought had some value. Her contact purchased the items and gave me a very generous payment. Deb went above and beyond when she “sold” some of my belongings for me”.

"Deb arranged for everything I could not take with me to be picked up by the Salvation Army. In addition, when it was learned that the people who agreed to help me move backed out, Deb rented a truck and lined up her own people to help get me moved. At my new home, Deb also unpacked everything and set up my new room". 

"Deb understood my goals and needs very well and was a big help, going above and beyond my expectations. She made my transition as smooth as possible".

Carol H., June 2017 - "I hired Deb to clean out my basement of old tools, gardening supplies and a lot of unused items. Deb and her partner worked tirelessly on the basement discarding empty boxes, sorting through accumulated "junk" and hauling everything to the garage". 

"Between the two of them, my basement was cleaned out and re-organized in two days. I was amazed and impressed with Deb's strong work ethic and her desire to accomplish the first phase of my de-cluttering process". 

Carol H., November and December 2017 - "Deb returned to help me with Phase 2 - cleaning out the attic. We worked together for 3 days sorting through my late mother's clothing, boxes of books and papers and other miscellaneous items. Deb set up designated areas in one section of the attic for trash, donations and shredding. She was very efficient and convinced me to let things go without judgement".

"Deb also rented a truck for everything to be dropped off at Community Aid. She enlisted the help of three other people to tackle Phase 3 - bringing the trash from the attic to the garage and the donations from the attic to the truck. Deb also oversaw the relocation of some of my furniture to other rooms or to the front porch for donation pick-up the next day". 

"Deb understands how stuff accumulates and helps separate her clients from all that unnecessary clutter. I really needed guidance and then the "person power" to move it all out of my house". 

"This has been a life transformative process. I am now motivated to paint the upstairs and appreciate my house so much more. I feel lighter and happier. Save your money on therapy and hire Deb! You won't regret it. She took care of everything"!

Don B., April 2018 - I needed assistance de-cluttering, packing and preparing my home to sell. I found Deb through my Real Estate agent and a mutual friend.

Deb consulted with my agent, listened to my needs and understood what needed to be accomplished. She did not require additional instructions; each time she came to my house she began work immediately. 

Every box was labeled and set aside for storage. Deb also cleaned as she worked, keeping my home as tidy as possible during the packing process.

Her service was excellent; she kept my agent updated on her / our progress. I recommend her to anyone in need of de-cluttering or packing to move.

Rose H. - May 2018 - I was in a quandary - I had to finish packing my local apartment by the end of May. I was overwhelmed - I was working 200 miles away at my new job. Coming back every weekend to pack was becoming very expensive. 

When I met with Deb, I knew I was going to be okay. We talked about my needs and I was comfortable having her come over during the week to continue packing. 

She anticipated what I needed and after each job, she contacted me with an update on her progress. Deb kept the lines of communication open and when I returned for the final weekend, everything was ready to go. 

I don't know what I would have done without Deb!